Niagara Glen + Montebello Park Engagement : Amanda + McKinley

Wooo! I'm trying to be better at making blog posts! I have so many things on the go all of the time and it's hard to do anything but spend 12+ hours a day editing but I needed to share this session with these two rad people because their wedding is TODAYYY (aka Saturday August 11th).

I met these two through another wedding that I shot but it turned out that McKinley and I also used to run in the same circles that were the St.Catharines music scene when the Bedlam Society was still kicking around.  The first location we went to for these photos was Montebello Park in St.Catharines, and we then headed to the Niagara Glen for the rest. The day that we took these engagement photos was SUPER dark but we went for it anyway and I actually really like the grainy and dark feel of these. We also decided to get a little wild and took some photos in the pavilion after it was dark. I asked them to stand on a picnic table and they happily did it, so we will see what crazy things I can make them do at the wedding ;)