This is the part where I talk about myself. 

What I Do

With twelve years of photography experience and eight years shooting weddings,  my primary focus is on creating a fun and comfortable experience for all of the couples that I have the honour of working with. Each couple is unique and your wedding deserves to be documented with care. While I want to shoot all kinds of weddings and people, I really love the ones where things are done a little differently.  I love the challenge of telling every story in a creative way that reflects the people that I'm working with.  As cliché as it sounds, making people happy truly is the biggest reward! 

Things about me

I currently live with a dog (George), two cats (Bill Purray and Merlin), a one-footed bird (Watson), and a boyfriend (James). My favourite things to do in my spare time are travel, hike, look for wildlife, shoot concerts and collect books that I don't actually have time to read. Music is my other love and it has allowed me to meet and work with so many amazing people in the community. I also shoot for a few different theatre groups. Want me to shoot your band?  Just ask! (Joel Plaskett I'm looking at you!)

What about you? Do you like drinking coffee? Do you like drinking delicious beers? Do you want to do that with me while discussing wedding details? I might tell lame jokes. Email 


I also just opened a studio where I also have prints for sale ! I shoot a lot of landscape and wildlife photography and  conservation has always been important to me. Come by and hang out and look at some stuff!